Our Corporate Philosophy

We are and would continue to be an organisation that prides on being ethical, transparent and innovative… in thought and action – interpreted as strategy and execution.


Who we are

Dravtel is a fast emerging telecommunication  service company based in India and United Kingdom. A committed organization that’s trusted by customers and partners, Dravtel has been directly serving thousands of customers around the globe. Today, Dravtel owns and manages U2Call, a leading residential calling services brand. At Dravtel, we constantly aim to improve our own standards and upgrade ourselves with the latest technology, maintain a talented pool of human resources and develop our infrastructure as well. Dravtel has always focused towards delivering the best of ROI for our clients and has created an encouraging work environment that benefits clients, employees and associates. We keep our talent resource abreast with the best practices and help them develop their own skills through training. We are an organization that collectively believes in garnering a relationship that thrives on mutual growth and nurtures prospective opportunities for all.