Broad Band

Get Ahead of the competition and stay ahead with Dravtel's unmatched internet service that offer world class and amazingly fast speeds on Fiber Optics. It is the ideal connectivity solution for growing businesses.

Dravtel clients are assured of a reliable, exceptionally fast internet connection that is sure to improve productivity for all internet dependent business operations.

Global or Local Numbers

Give your business a local, national or international presence with inbound numbers from Dravtel. Inbound numbers can be routed to landline numbers, mobile numbers or directly to Dravtel VoIP lines. All Dravtel inbound numbers support cloud-based call recording if required.


Local numbers are available from Dravtel for all UK dialling code areas. These numbers are ideal for businesses that require additional local numbers or a local telephone presence in areas other than their main location. When used in conjunction with Dravtel Voice over IP telephone systems local numbers can provide extension users with direct dial-in services.


National numbers otherwise know as "non-geographic" numbers such as 0800, 0345, 0330 and 0370 are ideal for businesses that do not want to be identified with a specific geographic location. When used in conjunction with inbound call management they can provide a professional, seamless inbound call routing service for customer service or support desks


In addition to UK numbers Dravtel can also supply Freephone and geographic numbers from around the world giving you the ability to have a truly international presence.

VoIP Lines

Using advanced technology to save you money. If you want to start saving on your business call costs, get VoIP into your vocabulary. With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), all your business calls are made over your broadband connection, but at a fraction of the cost. VoIP is easy to set up using your existing phone handset and comes with your own unique phone number you can call from any phone.

VoIP lines from Dravtel carry the added bonus of supporting single or multiple incoming numbers from your local dialling code area or anywhere else in the UK if required.

Fixed Line Services

Government legislation has steadily been introduced over a number of years in order to make the telecoms marketplace more competitive. This legislation has resulted in a retail business (BT retail), and a network business (BT Openreach), with these two businesses operating on a totally independent basis. BT Openreach provide and maintain the BT national network whilst BT retail and other service providers such as Dravtel buy services from BT Openreach for resale to business and residential customers.

Line rental

At Dravtel we are able to buy services from Openreach on the same terms as any other service provider. This means that if you transfer your existing BT line to Dravtel nothing will change in terms of the line and number; what will change however are the monthly line rental charges where Dravtels pricing can be significantly cheaper.

In addition to these reduced prices and improved contracts you will also benefit from Dravtels uniquely local personalised fault management service and 30 day contract terms.

Call termination

Dravtel provide the highest levels of service at all times and route all calls via the BT network which means that calls on lines provided by Dravtel will always be of the highest quality, however, as with line rental there will be a significant reduction in price compared to other service providers. In some cases calls via Dravtel can be as much a 60% below BT retail prices and, in addition to these lower prices, Dravtel customers also benefit from fully itemised on-line billing and automatic fraud detection facilities.

Residential Services

Broadband Services

Whether at home or at the office, you’re making more and more demands of your Internet connection—you want delivery of high-demand technologies like Internet access, Voice over IP and video services. And you want them now.

Dravtel provides connections that can be used to transport voice, video and data. Dravtel combines field proven toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. And with broad array of broad band plans available, it can be configured to meet your current and future needs.

Fixed Line Services

The best way for you to call your loved ones. The simple act of picking up the phone and calling has shortened the global distances and allowed us to convey everything that we ever wanted , be it sharing love, passing on crucial information instantly or take business decisions.

Move your home phone into internet era. New generation telephone service, VoIP home phone can save a lot when compared to normal landline phone bill.

Dravtel offers you great value phone plans, no matter what your needs are, we have the right Voip plan for you.